Command and Dispatch

Command and Dispatch

The ever-expanding city scale and increasingly complex urban environment raise new requirements on command and dispatch. Your agencies must rely on products and solutions that lead them to fast and right response to better serve your citizens. For over 25 years, Hytera has been committed to developing trusted end-to-end command and dispatch product and solution suits to help customers improve situational awareness, make accurate decisions, and thus achieve rapid dispatch. With the latest technologies in public network communication, IP communication, augmented reality, and artificial intelligence, Hytera’s command and dispatch products are proven to safeguard your city and community better.


Backed by 25 Years' Dedication to
Target Industries

We have been dedicated to public security and rail transport industries for more than 25 years. Always hearing the voice of our customers, we have continuously optimized business process, and invested in R&D and technical innovation for the purpose of increased customer values. Hytera has delivered superior command and dispatch services for public security agencies and rail transport industries in many cities, gaining trustworthiness of customers from all over the globe.

E2E Solutions to Cater for Various Application Scenarios

Hytera is proud to be one of the few providers for the products and solutions that cover the whole process of command and dispatch. In the public security field, professional products and integrated solutions are designed for daily as well as emergent command and dispatch. In the rail transport area, our products can be applied to the scenarios of vehicle dispatch, maintenance dispatch, and disaster prevention dispatch. Different suits of products and solutions can better match the current business demands and future business expansion of customers. With end-to-end products and solutions, customers can have one-stop product selection and deployment, maximizing the efficiency across business sectors.

Break Communications Barrier with Unified Communication Platform

As a dispatcher, you must always be ready to provide accurate and fast decisions for first responders in the connected world. However, traditional command and dispatch systems are difficult to carry out interconnection and cooperation across networks and regions. As a pioneer in the industry, Hytera has launched a self-developed multimedia unified communication platform, connecting public and private networks, fixed and wireless networks, and narrowband and broadband networks. Breaking communication barriers between different levels, platforms, and networks, the unified command and dispatch platform achieves seamless dispatch of any terminal at anytime and anywhere.