Multi-mode Advanced Radio

Combining a mission-critical radio and a smartphone into a single device, the compact and ergonomic PTC680 is completely Android and PMR functional to provide diverse features including mission-critical voice, HD photo capture and video shooting, broadband voice services, etc., enabling the users to carry out multiple missions simultaneously and increasing the efficiency of critical communications.


Compact and Light Weighted

      – Only 325g in weight, easy to carry and wear
      – Palm-fitted 6cm in width and single-hand friendly
      – 5 programmable keys provide more shortcut operations

Full Trunking Functions

      – Support all TETRA services
      – Support group call, broadcast call, DGNA, packet data, authentication, over-the-air encryption and end-to-end encryption

Solid and rugged

      – IP68 rated, impervious to water penetration to a depth of 2m for 4 hours
      – 1.5m drop test qualified
      – ESD IEC Level 4 certified
      – MIL-STD-810G certified

Crystal Clear Audio

      – Enlarged front chamber (patented) and professional acoustic design to provide up to 128dB of loudness
      – Multi-mic Noise Reduction, Echo Cancellation and Wind Noise Suppression technologies to ensure the voice is loud and clear in noisy environments

All-round Security Assurance

      – Signature authentication, safe access strategy, sensitive data blocking and system launching check to secure system safety
      – Authentication, E2EE, AIE, secondary-developed encryption to secure communicate safety
      – Full disk encryption, encryption key and license to secure data storage
      – Smart MDM to remotely manage radios, including parameters configuration, feature control etc

Fusion Communication Ready

      – Supports communication with narrowband radios over broadband, extending the coverage to where the narrowband network is not available
      – The RoIP solution allows PTC680 to automatically select available or better network, register with narrowband and broadband networks with the same number and use the same UI with that of the narrowband service

Advanced Global Positioning

      – Use five GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) to make quick and accurate positioning in open outdoor areas
      – Together with LBS (Location-based Service) or WLAN to record and track user or device locations

Complete Control via Smart MDM

      – Remotely manage the radios in batch which saves 95% of time compared with wired programming
      – Many other important services for example software upgrades, feature and application permissions are also contained to comprehensively manage and control your radios

Multimedia Gathering

      – Capture critical photographic evidence or record the important moments during the mission
      – The rear camera is anti-shake and can record stable and clear video even when the user keeps moving

Powerful Broadband Voice Services

      – The Hytera HyTalk MC or Hytera HyTalk Pro solution integrated PTC680 provides broadband voice services to extend the radio coverage
      – Hytera HyTalk MC is a PMR characterized talk solution deployed over public networks to provide stable and reliable PTT communication, high-speed data applications and multimedia services
      – Hytera HyTalk Pro is another solution over public networks that also provides high-quality audio and video services, instant messaging